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   Warning of Severe Weather    21 December, 2013
Warning of severe weather
Rainfall totals over the next 24 hours will average 10-20mm overnight, this could produce more Flood Alerts, but Warnings are much less likely. However isolated periods of more intense rainfall could bring surface water flooding. Winds will strengthen this afternoon, rising force 7-8 South Westerly overnight.
According to weather forecasts from the Met Office, Bath and North East Somerset is expected to experience up to 30mm of rainfall over the 23 and 24 December which could lead to surface water flooding in some parts. Motorists are advised to avoid fords, some of which may be closed depending on conditions  and instead use alternative routes.
Coupled with the extra rainfall, the weather forecast predicts strong winds gusting up to 60 mph which could result in some fallen trees and possibly some delays.
We don’t anticipate serious disruption across the road network provided users take a little bit of extra care when driving and are prepared for the conditions. All Council services are expected to operate and residents should put out their refuse as normal for collection.
The Council is prepared for these wet conditions and has already taken precautions such as ensuring that gullies are clear to take any excess run-off water. The Council’s Highways Team is ready to respond to any incidents reported via Council Connect on 01225 394041 or Twitter @ccbathnes (during office hours) or on 01225 477 477 (outside of office hours).
This Council website will be regularly updated with the latest information – you can also follow @bathnes on Twitter for updates.
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