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   Flood update from around the parish    7 January, 2014
  • Green Lane – seems two cars were written off there.
  • The patch repairs in Branch Road have failed already.
  • The damage on the Rosemary Lane bridge was caused by swept along tree trunks acting like ‘battering rams’. I was talking to someone from the Environment Agency last night and they said that one of the biggest problems is the amount of debris. It can strike people or structures at speed, quite apart from fact that a cubic metre of water weighs a ton.
  • The Iford Manor bridge is fine – it often floods on our side but drains fairly quickly. It looked picturesque on national news.
  • Out of curiosity on Saturday I visited the Iford and Freshford hydroelectric screws,  both were thrashing away enough to light the whole valley!
  • The Wellow brook looked very full but ok on Sunday. The problem at Midford, as always, is run off coming down Pipehouse lane and down Midford Hill.
  • It looks like we will continue to get rain most of the week, but hopefully not the intense low pressure systems of last week.
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