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   Public meeting about Pipehouse Lane development    27 May, 2014

An Extraordinary Parish Meeting was held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 27th May 2014 at the Hinton Charterhouse Memorial Village Hall to hear public views on Planning Application 14/01495/FUL – Erection of 10 no. dwellings, including access road, car parking and hardstanding, landscaping and associated works at Pipehouse Nursery, Pipehouse, Freshford, Bath and North East Somerset.

Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council have been asked to make observations upon the above, the site is not in the Parish but Pipehouse Lane is the boundary between Hinton Charterhouse and Freshford parishes and many of the residents of the hamlet are in Hinton parish.


Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council wish to object to this application, that it be withdrawn and a more suitable application proposed. The following comments were agreed:

1.      All agreed that the site is appropriate for residential development, but that the current proposals are for too many properties. A considerable reduction in the density is required.

2.      Pipehouse Lane is an historic boundary and should not be altered, in fact is very difficult to alter.

3.      The narrow lane can cope with the current 15 dwelling vehicle movements, adding a further 10 dwellings compromises safety and visibility; no provision has been made in the current plan to improve this.

4.      The location will require all proposed residents to drive; there is insufficient parking, turning and access for proposed residents and their guests. There is no on-street parking at all in the rest of Pipehouse Lane.

5.      The building design and site layout is of a poor formulaic design with no attempt to match the local building style, and does not appear to have considered sustainability, positioning, aspect or practical usage of the space.

6.      Low cost housing is inappropriate for this site, the access to services, schools, shops is impractical with all residents having to cross a major A road, possibly on foot.

7.      Access into Pipehouse Lane from the major trunk road (A36) is already difficult and dangerous. The Council does not see any involvement from Highways Agency in this application. Are they aware of the proposal?

8.      The Variable Messaging Sign project still being discussed by B&NES is now proposed to be placed in this location, either of the currently proposed sites will compromise the visibility into and out of Pipehouse Lane, and with the current application suggesting double the number of vehicle movements at peak times this will seriously compromise safety.

9.      The current developers suggest that they made compromises to the design following consultation with the Parishes. All of the above reservations were voiced to the development team, but no concessions have been put into the “revised” plan.

Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council

The Meeting finished at 9.00pm

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