Date Published: 

Fri, 05/09/2014

Bath & North East Somerset Council is pleased to announce the B3110 Midford Road has now been re-opened, upon the completion of repair works following a landslip.

The temporary traffic signals and traffic management arrangements were removed on Wednesday 3 September allowing the road to be fully re-opened.

The stabilisation works are now complete leaving only a wall to be re-constructed over the next few weeks.  It is envisaged that the wall works will be undertaken without traffic restriction, there may be on occasion minor delays during material deliveries and plant movements but these should be minimal.

Due to a land slippage on privately owned land at Midford Road, B3110, the Council, in conjunction with the owner, closed the road at the end of January in the interests of public safety. A thorough assessment was undertaken by the landowner and his representatives to determine the work required to stabilise the land.

The Council would like to thank people for their patience whilst the landowner carried out the repair work.