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   Traffic Calming for Hinton Charterhouse     26 March, 2015

At the recent Parish Council Meeting the council considered the various broad types of traffic calming schemes, from rumble strips to road 'pillows', from speed 'tables' to village gates.

After some considered debate, and many different suggestions, the council decided that the most desirable solution for the parish was a village gate and pinch point type scheme which would be present on all five entrances to the village of Hinton Charterhouse and the southern entrance to Midford.

The PC believes that this type of scheme was best suited to achieve the desired calming effect whilst accomodating the different types of traffic required and being pragmatic with regard to cost and implementation.

The results of the PC's deliberations were relayed to Cllr Neil Butter BANES and the PC were very pleased to hear back that the BANES will add the scheme "to the prioritisation list so that it may be considered for an allocation of budget to implement the scheme from the Integrated Transport Block (ITB) at the start of each year.".

This does not mean a scheme will be implemented and it does not give a timescale, but it is a step forward. HCPC, with the cooperation of our District Councillor, will keep the pressure on. 

It is estimated by BANES that a scheme would cost in the region of £50,000.

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