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   What can our BANES District Councillor do for us? - HCPC aims to find out!!    13 April, 2015


Text of the letter sent to each candidate for BANES Councillor for Bathavon South Ward.

Dear Candidate

Representing Hinton Charterhouse Parish, Bathavon South Ward

I am writing to you as one of the candidates for the Bathavon South Ward. 

The purpose of this letter is establish how you might be able to help Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council (HCPC) achieve its strategic aims for the parish of Hinton Charterhouse should you be elected as our District Councillor.

This exercise is not in any way political, we are merely seeking a commitment of help and description of how that help might practically manifest itself.

Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council’s strategic aims are:

1.       To secure traffic calming measures in the parish.

2.       Top establish 20mph speed limits in the parish.

3.       To secure high speed broadband for the parish .

4.       To maintain the parish sweeper scheme.

If you are able to respond to this letter, in writing, describing how you might assist HCPC achieve our aims we would be most grateful.  This letter and the responses will be published on the HCPC website.

Please note, we are not seeking party policy but specific comments from you as an individual as to how you will help us as a Parish Council.

As I have mentioned above, this is an entirely apolitical exercise and intended only to inform the electors of this parish of the specific intentions of each candidate with regard to the issues that are close to them. Responses will be posted on the web site without further comment by HCPC.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this.

Yours sincerely


Chris Clemence


Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council


PS If  could have your responses by the 24th April I will post them on our web site that simultaneously that weekend. Word format to chris.clemence@hintoncharterhousepc.org.uk would be most helpful.

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