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   Modernising Street Lighting in Bath and North East Somerset    11 November, 2016

Up to 11% of Bath & North East Somerset’s carbon emissions are generated by its street lights, which also consume a considerable portion of our revenue budget.
The Council is currently underway with a project to renew large sections of the lighting network with new, energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights which provide a more reliable and controllable system. These units reduce energy consumption by up to 60% and allow us to introduce variable dimming technology. These improvements will significantly reducing carbon emissions and running costs, which will help enable the Council to continue to deliver our essential services and priorities.
Several thousand units have been replaced in Bath so far this year and have been well received by residents. BANES will shortly be entering the next phase of delivery, which includes the towns and villages outside of Bath.
Some local authorities operate a ‘switch off’ between certain hours of the night. However, the Council do not believe that this is appropriate and therefore propose dimming as the best compromise, reducing light levels throughout the night when the roads are less busy.  This means that they maintain appropriate lighting levels at very quiet times while still achieving high energy saving benefits.
The Council appreciate that some residents may be uncertain about the changes. To address any concerns that they may have, BANES has created a dedicated web page www.bathnes.gov.uk/LED which also includes a ‘frequently asked questions’ document as attached.
The replacement programme is being delivered by the Councikl's contractor SSE.  They currently intend to start in Bathampton during December and continue on a rolling programme. Residents of the streets affected will be notified approximately two weeks in advance of the work with a copy of the information leaflet.
If you have any questions about the replacement process please feel free to contact the Council at street_lighting@bathnes.gov.uk.

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