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NewsWed, 22nd November 2017

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   Hinton House helipad planning application open for comment    28 October, 2017

Hinton House Helicopter Landing Pad Planning Application.

The anticipated planning application for a helicopter landing pad for Hinton House has been made to BANES and is available on the BANES website to view and comment. The link is at the foot of this post.

The helicopter pad is to be located in the field between Hinton House and the Church.

The public consultation period expires on 16/11/2017 and if you wish to make comment then you should do so either by letter to BANES or using the comments feature on the BANES website.

The Parish Council will be discussing the application at its routine meeting on the 21st November.

There will be a limited opportunity for members of the public to speak at this meeting and the PC has been granted a time extension for its comments. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to speak.

Comments made to the PC will be taken into account in its response HOWEVER it is very important that individual residents make comments direct to BANES as described above and this must be done by the 16 November.

Comments made on this post are of course welcome as is any discussion, however please remember this is an informal site and comments will not be taken into account 'officially'.

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